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We deal in Procurement and Tendering of services, We also are dealers, distributors, importers & exporters of all general agro-based, mechanical products. we are also experts in mineral extraction and dealing.

Minerals Extraction

We forcibly draw out our mineral ores from simple bits to large ones through collection using both open shaft and closed shaft mining techniques. Our process is gradual but we work it out efficiently. We do extractions from different areas including Tiira Gold mine located in Busia Uganda, Kilembe mine and other mines in Uganda like Kasese where we get our copper cathode. Our minerals come from high grade alluvial deposits within the continent.








Coin Selling

We add value to our products, and our gold, silver and copper comes in different coins. We sell ancient coins form different regions of the world. Contact us to see if we have the coins that you need. Our coins come in different shapes and weights but their value is priceless.









IRA Plan

We offer Individual Retirement Account Plans. We offer tax free IRA plans as we store your money in precious minerals that only appreciate in value with time. Your investment varies based on the mineral you invest in. The tax benefits allow you to relax and let your money grow




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Developer, Developercombined

Distributor, Distributor

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Products / Services:

Agriculture Supplies: Agriculture Supplies. Bicycles: Bicycles.Computer Hardware: Computer Hardware. Consumer Electronics: Computer Hardware, Consumer Electronics. Electrical Products: Electrical Products. Food: Quinoa. Grains: Quinoa. Sanitary Ware: Sanitary Ware. Security Products: Security Products. Oils: Oils

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